Final Projects

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A simple, interactive way to surface Olin’s culture.
FUTUREBOARD is a community board that runs on digital signage. It that surfaces and organizes messages from Carpe; and combines these with SMS and multimedia text messages that include image, videos, and links, to collaboratively describe and archive an event.
Loan Wrangler
A friendly chatbot that can help you with (almost) anything involving borrowing and using the library’s awesome tools and media equipment.
Loan Wrangler is a chat interface to the library's inventory. It will answer questions about the library's tools and media equipment, let you check out items, and remind you when to return them. It can also let you know when someone else is asking after a piece of equipment that isn't due yet, so that you can decide how much longer to keep this.
Project: Projects
Record your projects, to keep track of all the cool stuff you’ve done at Olin, easily build your portfolio, and share your experiences.
It's difficult to archive software projects (as opposed to just their source code). Project: Projects captures information about student projects, for use in classroom displays and student portfolios.
Olin API
Programmatic access to the rich digital life and resources of Olin.
The Olin API project implements functionality and stores data that is used by multiple projects. Currently it implements an Authentication API, for projects that require identification and authorization; and a People API.

Tools and Hosting

Project Source
Docs Hosting Production Site
FUTUREBOARD GitHub Heroku Website
Loan Wrangler GitHub Build Status Docs Heroku Website
Project: Projects GitHub Docs
Olin API GitHub Docs Website